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Senior Class Scholarships

Class of 2024 Scholarship Packet 

Watch for the link to access the Class of 2024 Scholarship Packet.  In this packet, you will find 20+ scholarships that are available to any Canton South senior.    

Each scholarship has individual requirements so please read the directions carefully before you begin working on any of the scholarships.  

See your counselor if you have any questions about completing the scholarship applications.  

The deadline of March 1st at 2:40pm is a firm deadline and we will not accept any late scholarship applications.  We send this out before Winter Break so that you can use this time to start writing your essays.  Please do not wait until the deadline to start working on your applications!

**Link to Scholarship Packet**

When you click on the link above, it's going to ask you if you want to make a copy of The Class of 2024 Scholarship Packet.  Please click "make a copy" and you will be able to access the packet.